If you enter any Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd game through the website located at [Fantasy5live) {www.fantasy5live.com) you are bound to play it within the terms and conditions of play as specified. [Fantasy5live) {www.fantasy5live.com) provides Fantasy GAA, Fantasy Rugby, Fantasy Football and Fantasy NFL games.

ENTRY DEADLINES: Website entries must be received before the first scheduled kick-off of a game to qualify for entry. Teams cannot be accepted after the kick off a scheduled game.

Games are open to registered players of The Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd only.

Employees of The Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd and their families or other persons connected with this promotion are eligible to enter the overall league but cannot claim prizes.

DATA: By entering this game you acknowledge that you have accepted these terms and consent to your cookies being stored for the duration of the game, as per Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd privacy policy. Furthermore, you hereby consent to being contacted by the Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd (or a representative thereof) after the Game has finished regarding future games.

Incorrect, incomplete, illegible or corrupted entries will not be accepted. The computer record of the entry will be considered to be the entry. The decision of Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd is final. No responsibility will be accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed.

USER NAMES: Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd reserves the right to refuse to accept user names that are felt in its sole opinion to be inappropriate or offensive. Unsuitable names will be deleted.

PLAYING THE GAME: The entrant must select their fantasy team from the team’s squad list - Each fantasy team must consist of 5 players

PLAYER LIST: The players included on the squad lists and their positional classifications have been determined by Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd and are deemed correct. New players will be added to the player list if they come into the reckoning of the squads at the discretion of Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd.

SCORING POINTS: See the rules section for details of the scoring system.

POSTPONED MATCHES: In the event that a match is postponed and subsequently re-arranged, points will be assigned as per team selections as of the initial (postponed) game and points attributed to the original Game Round.

TEAM CHANGES: Once you have entered a team you cannot make any changes to it.

Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd. reserve the right themselves to refuse to accept any entry which, in their opinion, does not comply with the rules and regulations of the competition or which contravenes the spirit of the Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd competition. It is a condition of entry that all rules are accepted as final and that the competitor agrees to abide by these rules.

Any site users or managers found to be attempting or suspected of attempting to hack into any servers or systems run by Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd. will be immediately removed from the system and have any prizes cancelled. Where applicable such users will have no right to any refunds and Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd. reserves the right to report the matter to the relevant authorities.

PRIZES: No alternative prizes will be offered. If a prize winner does not wish to accept a prize, then the prize may be passed to the corresponding runner-up. Prizes change on a game per game basis. Please see the news section for the full details of the prize on offer for the game you are entering.

TIES: In the event of two or more teams finishing level on points, Fantasy Sports games Ireland Ltd will use goals/tries/knockouts scored and then assists scored to determine a winning team. In the event of these additional factors also being tied, then the team that was entered first into the competition will be deemed the winner

The promoters of this competition are Fantasy Sports Games Ireland Ltd based in Waterford Road, Kilkenny, Ireland.

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